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I have never slept so well and profound! I felt so relaxed and refreshed after experiencing TRE.  I was a bit skeptical at the beginning and then the tremors started happening…through Sam’s guidance I was able to unlock the healing power of my own body and it felt terrific!

– Laura S.

I was invited by a friend to a TRE session and was not sure what to expect. After the stretches my body began to tremble. My first reaction was to make it stop, but I was guided by Sam to be present and allow my body to do what is natural I was able to fully experience the stress leaving my body.  Afterwards I felt lighter, like I had left it all on the mat. Each session was a deeper response and relief. It is a great tool to use in life and I’m thankful for Sam sharing his knowledge.

– Kristy F.

It was very relaxing. I really like the whole premise behind it and really activating the muscle and then relaxing. I also really like Sam’s guidance throughout the whole process.

– Janice S.